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A small minority of Republicans are unhappy with Congressman Greg Walden. Sign my petition to show them Oregon stands with Greg Walden!

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Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Delegate or Alternate Delegate

Oregon Republican Party

  • Bill Currier, Chair

  • Tracy Honl, Vice Chair

  • Chris Barreto, ORP Finance Chair

  • Ken Taylor, Former Treasurer

Congressional District 1

  • Kevin Hoar, Chair

Congressional District 2

  • Kate Adams, Chair

  • Suzan Ellis Jones, Alt. Chair

  • Donna Cain, Vice Chair

  • Gretchen Bates, Secretary

  • Ken Taylor, Chair

Congressional District 4

  • Christine Ruck, Alt. Chair

Congressional District 5

  • Jeff Heyen, Vice Chair

Baker County

  • Suzan Ellis Jones, Chair

  • Jake Brown, Vice Chair

  • Peggie Longwell, Secretary

  • Jim Longwell, Treasurer

  • Keith L. Jones, Alt. Delegate

  • Julie McKinney, Alt. Delegate

Benton County

  • Becky Currier, Former Treasurer

  • Dru Draper, Delegate

Clackamas County

  • Linda Neace, Secretary & Delegate

Crook County

  • Cynthia Harper, Chair

  • Melissa Cary, Secretary

  • Ken Taylor, Former Chair Chair

Curry County

  • Kathy Shindler, Chair

  • Steve Beyerlin, Proxy Chair

Deschutes County

  • Paul deWitt, Chair

  • John Philo, Former Chair & Delegate

  • Phil Henderson, County Commissioner & Delegate

  • Ben Schimmoller, Alt. Delegate

  • Jared Black, Alt. Delegate

Grant County

  • Loreiei M. Hinton, PCP

  • Daniel Cronin, PCP

  • Rosella F. Pogue, PCP

  • Daniel M. Pogue, PCP

Harney County

  • Gretchen Bates, Chair

  • Melodi Molt, Treasurer

Hood River County

  • Barb Hosford, Secretary

Jackson County

  • Reagan Knopp, Chair

  • Kevin Husted, Vice Chair

  • Yuri Vincent, Treasurer

  • Robin Lee, Secretary & Alt. Delegate

  • Phyllis Fletcher, Delegate

Jefferson County

  • Kate Adams, Former Chair

  • Mike Folkstead, PCP

Josephine County

  • Nancy Trahern, Chair

  • Tyler Flaming, Vice Chair

  • Jeff Thomas, Secretary

  • Malinda Wilson, Treasurer

  • Julie Thomas, Delegate

  • Keith Trahern, Former Chair & Delegate

  • Terri Millard, Alt. Delegate

  • Nathaniel Duarte, Alt. Delegate

Klamath County

  • Pati Horton, Chair

  • Ralph Pina, Vice Chair

  • Donnie Boyd, Delegate

  • Joe Spendolini, Alt. Delegate

Lane County

  • Andrew Landen, Vice Chair

Lincoln County

  • Lynn Owen, Chair

  • Mike Mesarch, Vice Chair

Linn County

  • Joe Bullatd, Alt. Delegate

Marion County

  • Jeff Heyen, Chair

  • Jessica Davidson, Vice Chair

  • Carol Williams, Delegate

  • Carol Zielinski, Delegate

  • Michael Williams, PCP

Malheur County

  • John Gaskill, Chair

Multnomah County

  • Lynette Wyrick, Alt. Delegate

Sherman County

  • Mike McArthur, Delegate

Umatilla County

  • Suni Dansforth, Chair

  • Don Marlett, Treasurer

  • Marlene McClintock, Secretary

  • Ann Jolly, East Area Chair

**And the entire Umatilla County Republican Party at their April 2, 2019 meeting, unanimous vote to support Congressman Walden

Union County

  • Chris Barreto, PCP

  • Rep. Greg Barreto, Former Union County Chair & CD 2 Vice Chair

Wallowa County

  • Annette Lathrop, Chair

  • Gina Berkheimer, Vice Chair

  • Susan Barcia, Secretary

Washington County

  • Tracy Honl, Chair

  • Melissa Laird, Vice Chair

  • Marti Burroughs, Treasurer

  • Christian Honl, Delegate

  • Jeff Grossman, Delegate

  • Jacob Vandever, Delegate

  • Christiana Mayer, Former Vice Chair

  • Nathan Dahlin, Past Delegate & Chair of Young Republicans of Oregon