iOS 7 Now on 73% of Devices, But Adoption Rates 'Much Slower' Than iOS 6

Obviously this is data from just one ad firm's advertising platform but I wouldn't be surprised if it's fairly accurate. Anecdotally, I've seen similar reactions. People I personally helped upgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 6 have seen iOS 7 and do not want it.

Most everyone I know that upgraded got used to iOS 7 after 2 weeks or less. I have no doubt most everyone would do the same. I wonder what it will take to get these folks over the hump. Is it merely a question of marketing, or will it only happen when they eventually purchase a new phone? I would also be curious to see what role - if any - media coverage of iOS 7 played in people's decisions to upgrade.

Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday. I wonder if he has numbers to share that say otherwise.

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