The Feature Set Trap

It is a little rich, though, that they repeatedly use the absence of Microsoft apps on the iPad as knocks against the iPad. It’s Microsoft’s choice, not Apple’s, that there is no PowerPoint for iPad.

It's lame, but not surprising. For Microsoft it depends on where you sit. They're not big fans of Apple taking 30% of what they consider to be Microsoft's money. If they add a checkbox for iWork the iPad would be the only one to get a checkmark because Apple only makes iWork for Macs (and only recent Macs at that). The difference is that most people aren't looking for iWork. They're looking for Office.

Part of me thinks it'd be nice if Microsoft brought office to the iPad, but the other part of me thinks it would be about as nice as Office for Mac. It's nice to have around if you need to work with Office files, or Exchange, and looks like an Office monster ate a cabinet full of buttons and then heaved all over the software.

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