Linked List & Squarespace

As far as I can tell, Squarespace doesn't support doing linked list style posts on iPhone. It can be done - albeit clumsily - in a desktop browser.

If you aren't aware, link list posts are where the title of the post is a link to that item being discussed. The text of the post usually includes one of two things:

  1. a blockquote from the link, or
  2. a comment on the article and/or blockquote

While it's too bad that Squarespace doesn't support posting them from their iPhone app, it's not completely upsetting. The reason I chose Squarespace over Wordpress was due to Squarespace's reduced complexity, and impressive results. It was simpler for me to understand.

I'm a person who genrally likes to have control over every facet I can have control of in any given situation. If I've learned anything from Apple, it's that sometimes constrains on materials and time can cause one to do his one's best work.

The Squarespace iPhone app situation probably means I have to do more regular writing than link listing while on my iPhone. I can deal with that since the whole point of this website is for the development of my writing skills.

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