How Apple Hides the Exploitation of Workers Behind Whimsical Branding

With its iconic logo, sleek aesthetic, and promise of creativity, excitement, and greatness embedded in its products and message, Apple successfully obscures its bad behavior with its powerful brand.

Let's ignore that most (if not all) major tech companies contract out to countries where worker exploitation is allowed (hurray Socialism). I guess I just missed the article where Samsung is also hiding worker exploitation behind their stellar marketing.

When you so fundamentally don't understand Apple's success, maybe you just shouldn't write about them. That's probably better than the approach Cole took here. Implying people who buy Apple are sheep, and then praising Apple's marketing department.

Apple's marketing department didn't create the iPhone that ranks the highest in customer satisfaction in nine consecutive studies. Apple's marketing department didn't develop the widely popular iPad which arguably created the "tablet market" OEMs now fight to control.

Denial seems to be the way the media copes with Apple's unprecedented success. When facts don't fit with your narrative, apparently you're supposed to just toss them out.

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