Authors Doesn't Understand Apple and The Mobile Industry

Over the next few months, Google's Android and Chrome teams seek to extend their existing lead over Apple. The company will introduce Android OS version 4.4 KitKat, a slew of new Chromebook laptops starting around $199, a Chromepad (touchscreen Chrome OS tablet) and next summer the first Chromephone (Chrome OS replacing Android on the smartphone). The pace of innovation at Google is simply faster than it is at Apple these days.

That's it. There's no possible way the iPhone 5S will sell well. The iPhone 5C is a kids phone, and they kept the 4S. I mean, how desperate are they.

I was stunned to realize they were so far behind. Shut Apple down I say. Give that never-ending pile of cash back to the shareholders. If you don't set the world on fire during every single keynote, you don't deserve to be a modern tech company.


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