An Updated Design for 2014

I've made minor visual changes to the site since it launched in March of 2013. I never really thought to give visual changes a version number but I've seen it on a few other sites do it and I like it. I think it's a simple way to keep track of the changes. I'll include a screenshot of the site each time a new major version comes out so folks can see the visual history of the site by searching the archives if they choose (I've always wished other sites would do this).

Some of the details of the old site were bothering me (prompting the changes). Below is a change log on what's new. I use Squarespace as the backend for my site. I worked off and on again on this redesign for two months with various templates and designs. I finally decided to further customize the one I already had.

Change Log

  • Header is now grey for a lighter feel.
  • Open Sans is now the headline and body font.
Reagan Knopp.png

I hope you like the changes. I'm not a designer but I think Squarespace’s great templates keep me from making utterly terrible design decisions. Just as with Keynote, it’s pretty hard to make a Squarespace site ugly. Hopefully my site is a few levels above that.

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