Where to go for Election Results

Below is lowdown on what's going to be on my computer screen for Election Day.


Ace of Spades Headquarters Decision Desk

AoSHQDD is new this cycle. They started out covering primary election night and now they're prepared for election night. It's a site that relies on volunteers doing the hard work reporting the results. They will have all the data the soonest it's possibly available. This is the place to go for the most up to date info on the most competitive US Senate, House and Governors races. It's the place to be election night. This is the online equivalent of the cool election night party.

Main Stream Media

If you're looking for something less grassrootsy and more big media Your options abound: Fox News, Politico, and NBC all have you covered.


Oregon Public Broadcasting

OPB has a nicely formatted page for Oregon election results showing statewide, congressional, ballot measure, and legislative races. The legislative races have nice maps to boot. I've never seen it before so I don't know how well it will be updated on election night but it certainly looks prettier than anything we've had in Oregon for previous election nights.

Oregon Secretary of State

The Oregon SOS is the traditional place to get election results. The SOS site is sometimes slow to report from some counties so you'll probably need to check on your county website for election results to get the most up to date local election data.


You know you're going to be refreshing these pages repeatedly until the election is over. On a Mac refresh is Cmd + R and on the PC sometimes its Control + R or F5.

How to Pick a President

Mitch McConnell turns his opponent's own ad against her