Automatic social discipline

I could just uninstall them or block their services at the network level, but I need both of them for parts of my work — I just don’t need to keep switching over to them constantly and wasting so many hours per week. Without any intervention, I’ll just habitually leave these apps open, right next to what I’m working on, resulting in a steady stream of tiny interruptions throughout the day as new messages trickle in.

I've been dealing with the exact same thing this week. My solution was to uninstall Facebook, and Tweetbot from all of my devices. However, I ran into the same issue as Marco did. I need these for part of my work but I don't need the constant distraction.

The Twitter website is awful. I hate using it. Same with the Facebook website. Forcing myself to log onto Reese terrible websites to use them has dramatically lessened the distraction. I am still going to give the script Marco wrote a shot because I still prefer Tweetbot and would rather use Twitter that way.

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