My Christmas Gift Guide for (Some) Guys

My Christmas Gift Guide for (Some) Guys


Sometimes shopping for Christmas gifts for someone can be difficult. You need to find out what they like, find the time to get it, consider your budget, and consider time required to mail a package if they live far away. It's a big process. I'm here to try and make it a tiny bit easier. Here's two suggests for what to get (some) guys.

Harry's Shaving Products

I love Harry's. I've purchased many of their products myself, and also had them gifted to me. I love them. They have a great travel kit, plastic and metal shaving handles, [a razor stand], and many other great products.

You should get these for a guy you know who shaves. Especially if they shave with an electric razor. Electric razors are terrible. They give your facial hair more of a trim than a shave, and if you're like me they irritate your skin. I used to use an electric razor, but now I shave with Harry's razors and it's way better. I get a better shave and it's more enjoyable. Anyway, you should check out Harry's.

Tools & Toy

Tools & Toys is a fantastic site. If you're shopping for a guy who is a bit nerdy or likes nice things you should take a look here. They have gift guides along with pages and pages of awesome products from cheap to mind-blowingly expensive. It's a great site. They've got all of the best tech products and more.

Hopefully these two guides will help you out a bith with your gift giving. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas.

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