Donald Trump Might Be Saving Our Democracy

Far from being a threat to democracy or a freak show unworthy of serious coverage, it matters because it’s taking a much-needed wrecking ball to some of what has made our sterile politics and dysfunctional government as bankrupt as Trump’s Atlantic City casinos. If that’s entertainment, so be it. If Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the Republican Party is reduced to rubble along the way, we can live with it. Trump will not make America great again, but there’s at least a chance that the chaos he sows will clear the way for those who can.

New York Magazine has the most thoughtful piece on Donald Trump I've seen. I disagree with their point of view on many things, but they are correct about much.

Let's be clear, I hate Donald Trump. Yet it's possible he may have done the party service by exposing some incredible weaknesses within the GOP.

If Trump eventually succeeds in destroying the Republican Party then conservatism will be forced to evolve. It's not the best case scenario by any means, but it's also not the worst.

If he somehow succeeds in destroying conservatism itself, then things will be much much worse.

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