Donald Trump has tweeted from an iPhone 8 times since he called for an Apple boycott

On February 19th, 2016 Donald Trump called for a boycott of all Apple products. Going so far as to say that he will only “be using Samsung” until Apple gives in to the FBI’s demands.

Boycott all Apple products until such time as Apple gives cellphone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal  — @realdonaldtrump

I use both iPhone & Samsung. If Apple doesn't give info to authorities on the terrorists I'll only be using Samsung until they give info.  — @realdonaldtrump

Claiming he will only use a Samsung phone and actually exclusively using a Samsung phone are very different things. Trump doesn’t even pretend not to tweet from an iPhone. Since his call for Apple abstinance, has tweeted from an iPhone 8 times. You can see all of this for yourself in the screenshots below which were taken on my iPad in Tweetbot.

Trump cares a lot more about convenience then sticking with his boycott. This isn’t surprising to me since this campaign has made it clear that Trump isn’t a man of principle. He’s a man of well-timed, outrageous, and convenient statements. He will always say one thing, and more often than not will do another.

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