Willamette Week Ranks Portland-Area Lawmakers

Today, Willamette Week published their latest edition of The Good, the Bad and the Awful: Our 2017 Ranking of Portland-Area Lawmakers. The entire thing is worth reading for the facinating insights. Here are my favorite bits:

On Sen. Chuck Riley:

"His shoes are usually much brighter than he is," sniffs one critic."

On Rep. Barbara Smith Warner:

"Kotek's yipping Chihuahua of half-baked ideas lifted from Salon.com," says one.

On Rep. Margaret Doherty:

"Has she legally changed her name to 'OEA' yet?" asks a lobbyist.

On Rep. Sheri Malstrom:

A couple of people caught her napping. "Makes effective use of committee time to catch up on sleep," says one observer.

Reagan Knopp