Partisan Makeup of the Oregon Legislature


16 is a majority in the Oregon Senate.


31 is a majority in the Oregon House of Representatives.

This project was conceived out of curiosity. I'm fairly well acquainted with the partisan makeup of the Oregon legislature from 1999-2015. However, I had very little knowledge of the composition of Oregon's legislative body before that time.

I created the project in Numbers on my Mac (you may have noticed I blog a little about Apple). I'm also offering the downloads of the file in Excel and PDF. Theoretically, this means you can view it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. The file contains the numbers from both the Senate and the House of Representative. There is a table that lists the number of legislators from each party in each year (compiled from records on the Oregon Secretary of State website). I've also created a line chart to visualize the numbers over time. All of this is based on my first look at the data. It's possible there are some minor inaccuracies so take this all with a grain of salt. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or suggestions


Release Notes


  • Initial Release


  • Updated to include 2012, 2014 special sessions as well as 2015 regular session.

1.2 (Current Version)

  • Structural Redesign

    • Moved release notes to separate tab
    • Created separate data and charts tabs for House and Senate

1.2 (Web)

  • Added Squarespace chart with Regular session data only.


  • Added 2017 numbers based on 2016 election results.

Source: Oregon Secretary of State