Christmas Music Experiment

I wanted to take a brief break aside from technology to talk about my Christmas music dilemma. It's one of my favorite music genres, but I never seem to have a enough time to listen to it (first world problem alert). If I start listening on Thanksgiving, I have a mere 28 days before Christmas to listen to Christmas Music. Sidenote: I don't like listening to Christmas Music after Christmas because it just reminds me I have to wait a year until next Christmas. It actually becomes depressing instead of cheery.

This year I'm conducting an experiment. Yesterday, October 1st, I began listening to Christmas Music. As Mr. Blanc said on his podcast, October 1st marks the start of the final quarter for the year. I don't know if this experiment will be successful (I could end up hating Christmas Music before Christmas). I'm currently interspersing Christmas songs with my usual listening in Rdio. I probably won't go whole hog, until either Thanksgiving or December 1st.

Most of what I'm listening is personal favorites, but Mr. Blanc has us covered. He has a suggestion for a Christmas Pandora station you might like as well as two Rdio playlists that you can subscribe to. One simply called Christmas, and another one appropriately called One Fine, Jazzy Christmas.

If you don't plan to start listening to Christmas music just yet, feel free to save this for a later and employ these tips whenever you'd like. Merry Christmas music listening.


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