Designed by Apple in California

This intriguing new TV spot by Apple acts more like a mission statement than an advertisement.

There is a statement in the middle, articulating how Apple thinks about its products. "Does it deserve to exist?" Left by itself, the question is rather ambiguous. It requires a defnined mission in order to judge the merit of products in development.

This required mission statement is found in the previous line: "Does it make life better?" While also not well defined, it sets a high bar for the products Apple decides to release. It's a blanket refusal of the spaghetti approach to product development.

Apple is not different because of the choices they make. They're different because of the choices they choose to make. Put differently, the way they go about creating products dictates making different choices than other companies. Samsung doesn't really have to decide what screen size they need to make their only phone in. They make hundereds of similar variations on one phone with different sizes.

Apple's approach doesn't garuntee success. I do think it means they have a better opportunity to succeed. This uncommon approach is how they can know a product deserves to exist.

Basil of Baker Street

2013 Apple Design Awards