Devlin May Drop Secretary of State Bid

Sources have informed me that Senator Richard Devlin is having a fundraiser next monthw with the Senate Democrat Leadership Fund. Although it's possible Senate Democrats are seeking to bolster his Secretary of State campaign, I find it more likely he's going to drop out of the Democrat primary election for Secretary of State.

The most likely scenario is Devlin has been having trouble gaining traction against Hoyle and Avakian. He has the most money in the bank of the three ($300k+), but has raised the least of the three so far this cycle. Since his budget-writing counterpart in the House, Peter Buckely, is retiring, Devlin has likely been asked to stick it out as the Senate Co-chair of Ways & Means. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes that determiniation in the next few weeks.

The Secretary of State Money Primary

The Secretary of State Money Primary

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